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2024 Holy Land Trip


From Paster Amanda Webber: 


"When I traveled to the Holy Lands on a similar trip in 2018, I found it to be a life changing experience. To actually see the places where Jesus and the disciples ministered and to walk along the same paths they walked is nothing short of amazing. For me, it made scripture come to life in a new way as I experienced the setting where stories I had read for years actually took place."


One resource that I found meaningful before, during, and after my trip is Jesus: A Pilgrimage by James Martin.  I highly recommend this book even if you decide not to travel to the Holy Lands.  Click on the book image above to order from Amazon however, the book is available everywhere including local bookstores.  


There is a smaller group who will be extending for the Petra trip if you are interested in doing that.

Contact Pastor Amanda Webber at if you have any questions.

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