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Small Groups

Oak Grove has a variety of diverse groups to help you further your study!

Join us for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer!

  • Group Name: Wednesday Morning Women’s Small Group 

  • Day, Time, and Place: Wednesday, 9:30 AM, Room 236 

  • Current Study: The Anatomy of a Miracle by Dr. James B. Richards 

  • When New Study Begins: September, 2024 

  • Ways of Studies: Reading and discussing a variety of books 

  • Average Age: 50s-80s (average age range is not a limit—all are welcome) 

  • ONE sentence of what we want people to know: Our fun and welcoming group meets for study and fellowship during the school year.   

  • Contact Person: Anita Carty 

  • Group Name: Thursday Morning Small Group 

  • Day, Time, and Place:  Thursday, 7:00 AM, Conference Room

  • Current Study: 

  • When New Study Begins: 

  • Ways of Studies:  

  • Average Age:  

  • ONE sentence of what we want people to know:  

  • Contact Person: Phil Morgan dogsrule48@coxnet 

  • Group Name: The O.G.’s (A Place for Young Adults) 

  • Day, Time, and Place: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm, The Lounge (upstairs) 

  • Current Study: NOOMA video series 

  • When New Study Begins: Fall 

  • Ways of Studies: Discussions based on short videos 

  • Average Age: Post-High School through Forty 

  • ONE sentence of what we want people to know: A Fresh Perspective 

  • Contact Person: Pastor Britney 

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