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Bible Land Exploration


Dear Friends –

Recently, after much prayer and reflection, I began to share information about a trip to the Holy Lands that I am scheduled to lead in February of 2025.


This is the trip originally planned for this February, which was automatically rescheduled to next year at the same time because of the ongoing war in Gaza.


One of the main reasons I was comfortable moving forward with planning this trip is how well EO handled rescheduling the trip from this year. Everyone who had financially committed to traveling in February 2024 received their money back. Overall, my experience with EO throughout the process of cancelling and rescheduling the trip was good, which leads me to believe if we need to cancel again in 2025 it will be handled professional and well.


I will be having an interest meeting on Sunday, April 28th at 4pm in the conference room. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email (


Please continue to pray with me for our neighbors all throughout the world in prayer who face war and violence.


Peace & Blessings,Amanda

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